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Every person who decide to purchase a training plan or make arangment for any other form of cooperation with TancaCoaching with his application and/or payment confirms and states: I understand and
confirm that the TancaCoaching, MItja Tancik s.p.(company) third parties such as sponsors, government
offices, organisers or other official partners, do not claim liability for any
personal or material damages, or loss of property.
I expressly declare myself responsible for my own safety and consent to being
responsible for any risks or hazards arising from participation in the training program or events connected to this activities. I am
fully liable for accidents caused by me and any damages to the company or a
third party resulting from such accidents, except in cases of possible
negligence by the company.
I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the company from any claims,
demands, liability and damages made by any third party arising out of or related
to accidents caused by me and bear all associated costs.
I agree not to make claims against any person, institution, or company that is
concerned with this event. Further, I agree with the publication of any picture or
film material from the training program.
I have read and understood the conditions, rules, and regulations and fully
accept them.