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Training plans


Designing a training plan and often neglected scheduling correct amount of rest, are two most important things a side of correct and precise execution of training plan.

Athlets, top level or amateur, carry a grand portion of motivation for hard work and success inside (iner motivation). There is not a training plan hard enuff or pain strong enuff to stop our motivation. We would cope with just any thing in desire of progress that will get us to that success. That portion of motivation can gets us in trouble on our path of progress to desired level of fitnes. With that motivation blowing in to our training routin we quiclky end up with to hard training day in a training week that forces us to carry on with rest day or an easy day in desire of progress there is a nother hard day in our bag… you know where that goes. That kind of unstructured and not wise combination of training loads it`s not efective, is waste of our precius time and just not wise.
Athlets traped in that kind of circles make progress inthe begining but soon they end up hanging round same fitness level with lots of problems geting tired right when they should be rested for race.

A good training plan is based on analysis of current condition, pointing out weaknesses, structuring training load and rest and that brings us to progress. All it folows is properly perform that plan, folow instructions and thake care of good recovery strategies that will prevent inyuries and possible illness that can be a stap back in our progress to our goal.

A coaches tasks are making a training plan, analyse it`s execution and corrections of the plan due to unespected causes. What is most important is coaches objective, non emotionally led perspective on whole sport process. That is a huge diference and advantage to self coached athlets.

I can assure you it`s  worth giving coach a chance to change your training, on my one experiance as a self coached athlete for more that 20 years, every year I wished for some one to objectively revise my training and make decisions how to proceed for me, as I was always over motivated and subjective to my self, self-pressed with my goals and dreems of good results and subject to overtraining in that motivation.